Terms & Conditions

GigClickers Account Terms:

  • You must not create multiple accounts.
  • Don't resort to any bypasses and cheats for more income. You will not do any spamming by sharing the referral link of any other community or platform. The website may not use any VPN or proxy or any software/hardware capable of changing your current country location.
  • All work must be done correctly and no spam or fake proof submissions can be made. If you can't do any work, skip it. Please do not share your referral link or any related links or material on our website with other websites Again no unreasonable activity can be done by sharing any referral link or any other link of our platform.
  • You may not register more than one account. No other account can access your device. You will not be able to register and run multiple accounts by changing any IP. GigClickers verifies every registered account. Do not share any wrong or unreasonable information. You may not share or print any of your account information on any other platform Sharing any account information through social media is very dangerous and against GigClickers Marketplace rules.
  • GigClickers team reserves the right to terminate the account of any registered person at any time. If any unreasonable act or behavior of any registered person is proved, the account of that person will be completely closed. There is no recourse to get it back as GigClickers is a transparent and reliable platform.

GigClickers Services

  • GigClickers is an online marketplace that creates relationships between buyers and workers.
  • Through job post, you can complete any business or offer work by targeting any specific country or workers, and any worker can complete any specific or desired work.
  • Through Post Deal, you can advertise the offer or service or product seller specific to any country or buyer, and any buyer can buy any offer or service or product specifically. A transaction will be organized between the two and both of them will get to complete the deal through the transaction.

For more job and deal related details, check out the Find Jobs and Deal Marketplace below. Otherwise contact live chat or gigclickers support.

Copyrighted content

GigClickers does not endorse copyrighted content. Gigclickers team will take action against any registrant who claims any other platform or person's content as his/her own. If you believe that any information you have exchanged or shared with GigClickers is copyrighted, please delete that information immediately. GigClickers Marketplace never attempts to claim any information as its own, and GigClickers does not endorse anyone who shares such information.

Payment Refunds 

  • Once any payment made by you is deposited on GigClickers server, there is no refund policy for that deposited payment. Because GigClickers Marketplace does not support any kind of refund payment. Please read all the details before making the payment and complete the payment.
  • GigClickers will accept and not be held responsible if a registered person mistakenly completes a payment to an address other than the Marketplace address. No payment from third party is accepted. Every payment must be clear.
  • You can deposit as low as $1 here. In this deposit you can make your deposit through your country's currency and international currency. For any payment related issues contact GigClickers Support: support@gigclickers.com

Authorized withdrawals

  • Only the withdrawn amount will be transferred to your wallet. Minimum withdrawal amount is $1. You can withdraw payment in local currency or international currency. It may take one to two days for the withdrawn amount to be received in your wallet.
  • Your withdrawn payment may be canceled for various reasons. For example: If you do something that is against the rules of GigClickers. Also if it happens that you are giving a third party payment account to receive the withdrawn amount then your payment will be canceled as well.
  • The policy of increasing and decreasing the withdrawal amount at any time can be taken only by the GigClickers team. Withdrawal fee is 20% to 30% and this withdrawal fee may increase or decrease at any time.

GigClickers Agreement Policies 

By creating a GigClickers account, you agree to the Terms and Conditions provided you use the Marketplace. Again, the work done by you will take six days to get the full rate As with these rules, if you do not agree with any of these rules, please do not use GigClickers. The Site and Site-related services are always operated in accordance with State Governance Policy.


  • GigClickers will never take responsibility for any harm caused by any third party software or any other means because we will always verify your actions.
  • Gigclickers will take action against anyone who takes any benefit secretly by changing IP. Because this marketplace always avoids such actions.


If you are directly or indirectly harmed by GigClickers, the Marketplace will accept your claim and if you can demonstrate good cause for that claim, you will be obligated to indemnify GigClickers but if you raise a claim that has no basis. If not, it will not be accepted. All your data will also be deleted from the marketplace.